An Evolution of a Small Company

2:34 AM

What is an evolution in a small company?  My Pokemon loving kids call it morphing.  In simple terms, it is the expansion of an idea.  As the ripple in the pond expands so does the circumference of a small company.
This year we have taken a giant leap and opened a 2nd Toockies project, in a 2nd village.  We have been wanting to do this for some time for many reasons but were not able to because we needed to find more people motivated to make the world a better place passionately enough to give of their intellect, resources and time without pay.
This year with the help of my partner Jaya Basu we have established,  "Sinko India Export" thanks to the selfless determination of the 2 gentlemen in this photo.  This branch of our company will streamline the operation currently working with our co-op of women in India.
While enjoying a cool drink at an old British Colonial club in downtown Calcutta I felt our vision for the future expand.  Someone amazing said, "If you imagine it, you can bring it about." Over a casual evening, we did that.  We opened our minds and created an image of what an expansion would look like,  what steps we would need to take, and as we discussed it further details began to emerge so that by the time we were done with dinner we could all see it.
We all knew what we need to do because we could see what it needed to look like.   The creating or "imagining" as I like to call it, is a very exciting and collaborative effort.  With new voices added to the minds, imagine  there were a blooming sensation and progression that became real and realized.
I would like to welcome 2 new members to our teem of selfless heroes in India and 1 here in the USA.  We are now 8 hoping to reach another 251 women in need of a dignified way to earn a living wage.
There are 12 new products coming into our mix.  We are now ready to enter the Japanese market,  the grocery market and do some co-branding.  This will be an exciting year.  Growth this year will be measured by our ability to reach more women in need and more customers appreciate the ship away from our disposable society.

-Anna Marie Stauss

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