Necessity is the Mother of Invention

10:54 PM

I think another expression for what is a woman should include “MacGyver” in it.  So who is MacGyver?  He was a TV show about a fellow who was a detective that got himself into the impossible situations and with the help of seemingly useless stuff like rubber bands, trash, and paperclips he was able to save the day.  Really!!!

I feel like that every day and for some reason especially after I had kids that the  natural “MacGyer” skill became that much more necessary.  They say there is no such thing as original thought so maybe the expression, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” is the old way of expressing “MacGyver” for women.
I find my Toockies to be one of my go-to products when trying to solve these types of problems just as “MacGyver” on the show depended on rubber bands.  I use my Toockies scrub cloths to do the following: Scrub everything in my house without scratching them; scrub grass stained knees without hurting the kids;  remove dirty hand prints from texture walls and actually getting it all;  clean the stinky refrigerator and high chair without beach or detergent just dish soap; sliders for moving my furniture around (way better than the round plastic things); pot holder, trivet, napkin, cork a hole, pick up rosebush cuttings, blankets for my daughters dollies, burp pad and wipe, sooo…a must have for a diaper bag; scrub lime from chicken’s water can, clean garden tools,  potting mesh…sometimes wonder what I would take with me into the wilderness if I could only take a few items.  As a young woman I working in the Jungles of Nigeria, Africa on a forestry project and was always looking for just the right things to take with me that I could serve multiple functions because I couldn’t carry a lot and apart from a large knife, swiss army knife, rope, a sturdy plastic bag, thin tarp and mosquito net, small first aid kit, extra pair of socks and good boots I would take a Toockies Cloth.  No matter what stage of life you're in you will be surprised at how often you reach for a Toockies Cloth once you have them out of simple necessity and the “MacGyer” in you.

In gratitude,
Anna Marie Stauss

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