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I design and so I become...

This short video of Jason Silva shared with me by our Marketing Director takes a very simple reality and explains it so well I had to share with all of you.  Enjoy!
For many years, I have traveled the world for various reasons and lived in many different communities.  The many lives of "me" I would say.
When I returned from each one of my tips, my family, in Canada at the time would say I had become someone different.  They would suggest that I had changed who I was, to become something different and that somehow bothered me.  I felt that they were saying I had lost something of myself when I felt I was more of my "self".  I felt they were saying I was not true to myself because I had come back looking different, talking differently, eating different food and sharing new ideas.  I explained that I was still the "self" they knew before, but that I had grown during my trip, that this growing had added more to my "self".
Years later. I now see that what was happening after those trips is still happening, my consciousness and yours expands to include the people, places, and ideas we are exposed to much like the fellow in this video discusses.  I question previous ideas, expose my "self" to new ones and expand.
Through my exposure to what my life experiences have presented to me, I have designed a self that incorporates all I've learned survival, friendship, love, success, peace, determination, and gratitude.  These are some of the tools of my "design".  With or without my knowledge of what I have expanded into, I have "become."  I say "without" because we are not always aware of how we are affected by what comes our way.
If who I "become" is not dynamic by honoring and incorporating the effects of the "design" I've created, then I think I would be dead or just not truly living.

-Anna Marie

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