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In my recent travels to India, I visited the 9 villages we are currently working with in West Bengal. I was heartened to see how well the children of the women we work with are doing. They are thriving!

The moms that produces our lovely trivet sets, shared their daily ritual with me. They get up and begin preparation for the day's meals as they are labor intensive. Making food for their children, husbands and other family members is the first order of the day. The children from an early age help with many of the household chores starting with bringing wood for the cooking fire, and getting water from the well. After the first meal of the day, and the preparations have been made for the remaining day, children will help with the clean up and get ready for school or play.

These happy children pop in and out of the small homes as mom begins her weaving. Most of the moms said that they prefer to weave at home because they can be available to meet the needs of their children. This access to mom is the most natural expectation. The flexibility at the Toockies project offers moms like these the opportunity to earn much needed income while meeting the needs for their little ones to the great benefit of the village children.

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